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Olivia Springer


Olivia Springer is a mesmerizing storyteller who crafts tales about black women on quests of self-discovery, empowerment, and the intricate decisions they make, for better or worse. While she humorously claims her goal in writing is to "kill people for a living," her narratives delve deep into the duality and intricacy of human relationships with death. An MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Baltimore, Olivia isn't bound by genre. Whether it's cozy mysteries, dark fantasy, or horror, she blends fabulism and magical realism, crafting dark tales with ancestral connection. Outside of writing, Olivia immerses herself in African Traditional Religions (ATRs), offers tarot readings, and crafts spiritual jewelry and tools. Her passions extend to watching anime, relishing cozy mystery and Afrofuturism audiobooks, and delving into various cultures' mythologies and folklore.

Author: About Us
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